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Building self-confidence one routine at a time

From morning to bedtime, your child’s daily life is full of routines. Clearly established and structured routines can create a sense of security and comfort for children, as they permit a child to understand what is going on and within what time frame.

Routines can also have the benefit of developing children’s autonomy when the parent offers them the opportunity to perform tasks on their own. These do not need to be difficult, quite the contrary! Simple gestures can help the child feel more involved and confident, such as going alone to the bathroom, brushing teeth, choosing clothes or picking a story.

You have to go with the flow – there’s no specific rule to follow when establishing your child's routine. Every family is unique and a little trial and error may be required as you go. As you work it out, here are a few basic guidelines that may help:

Consistency is your best ally!
Without being rigid, consistency has its benefits when establishing routines,regardless of whether applied by Dad or by Mom. By avoiding surprises, you allow your child to come to know what to expect.

Keep things simple!
When we think about routine it’s best to keep it simple. A few clear steps explained concisely may make it easier for your child to understand and assimilate them. You can even use simple drawings to illustrate the steps to follow for a given activity.

Make the routines fun!
Who says that a routine has to be boring? Certainly not us! When it’s time to put away the toys, why not play a little music to set the tempo? These regular rituals can be precious moments spent with your youngster!

Routines provide a framework for your child's development while being a healthy, necessary part of growing up. It is also a great way to provide structure to your little one... Work out the best routines for you and your tots and watch them bloom. You've got this!

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