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Bed, bath and backwards

Some kids have the weirdest ways to rebel right after their nighttime routine. Some ask for yet another snack, others talk silly, and some have been known to take off their snap-on PJs… Well, while this trick might seem odd, going backwards in your routine might switch things up enough to make everything fall into place.

For example, if you try inverting your routine and give the usual bedtime snack immediately before bedtime (and teeth brushing, of course), your kiddo will lose the leverage of the “I’m hungry” charade. Putting the pillow at the other end of the bed can also change a tired kid’s perspective, turning bedtime into a kind of adventure. If you create a silly (but somewhat calming) ritual before bedtime, it could take the crazies out while offering some bonding time. Even something as simple as switching which parent handles what part of the routine might be enough of a change up to get your little one on board with bedtime. As for the PJs that are so fun to unsnap? Just put them on backwards!

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