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Take peek-a-boo to the next level

Babies (even really little ones) love to play, but they’ll get the most out of it if you’re having fun with the game too! If you’re getting tired of your tried-and-true playtime routine, here are some other playful ways to keep your kiddo – and you – stimulated.

Try having a regular dance party. If your little one is supporting her own head, dancing around is a great excuse to hold her at different heights as well as near you and at arm’s length. Kids love the movement and the music, and it’s a fun break from routine for you.

When babies are small, basic peek-a-boo will keep them entertained. Once they get older, try mixing it up: pop up from behind the couch with a hat on; take turns covering your head and your child’s head with the blanket; try hiding objects and getting him to find them. There are lots of variations, and changing it up can help even a classic feel fresh.

Turn clean-up into a game. Once your kiddo is big enough to pick up objects and move them around, designate somewhere to put them (a shallow box or basket is perfect.) You can take turns putting small objects inside, and once your little one gets the hang of it you can play by sneaking things out once they’ve been put in. Once she catches on to that, she may want to be the one to undo your tidying!

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